web hit counter ADM - TIC - 101 - Bases de Datos (Inglés): Temario

ADM - TIC - 101 - Bases de Datos (Inglés): Temario

We will look at a large database in Excel and then import it into
Access to see the different types of searching and sorting that can be
done there.

This unit will not cover relational aspects of the Access database but will look at queries and form design.
Sección 1

A large database

In this unit we look at a database in Excel that has several thousand records and see how to search and sort the data.

Sección 2

Is your homework diary a database?

This homework question will be debated and discussed.  We should also find time to import our My Tunes Excel sheet into MS Access.
Sección 3

Information from Data

Using access queries; comparing Excel and Access for the job of finding data - which one gets the job?
Sección 4

The homework diary project

In which we investigate the possibility of using MS Access to keep track of your homework (and the time it takes you to complete it).
Sección 5

Extending the system

We can use forms for navigation - they don't have to have data in them.  We can also make forms based upon specific queries - such as homeworks due.
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