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  • Best Buy
    • 4.2TB Oracle Data Warehouse, under a single Oracle Instance.
    • 100,000 daily queries/reports
    • 3,000 users
    • 1,900 stores
    • Consumer electronics retail giant Best Buy runs a 4.2TB
    • Oracle Data Warehouse, under a single  Oracle instance
    • Servicing 3,000 users. Best Buy's Retail Business
    • Performance Management application accounts for 100,000 daily queries and reports, supporting 2,500 users in more than 1,900 stores.
  • Telecom Italia Mobile
    • 6TB of data
    • Up to 250 million daily records
    • 3 full-time DBAs
    • With more than 50 million phone lines worldwide
  • Telecom Italia Mobile's 6TB Oracle Data Warehouse grows by up to 250 million call detail records daily, supported by just 3 full-time DBA equivalents.
  • France Telecom
    • 32TB Oracle Database
    • 500 million daily records
    • 8,000 users
    • 91 million customers
  • A leading global telecommunications carrier, France Telecom's Oracle Data Warehouse, named Symphonie, handles as many as 500 million call detail records per day. Symphonie includes a 32TB Oracle Database which contains approximately 180 billion call detail records.
  • Amazon.com
    • 5TB of data
    • 2,000 daily queries
    • 500 users

The largest online commerce site--with 2001 sales exceeding   US$3 billion--is in production with a 5TB Oracle Data Warehouse, used by 500 users who submit some 2,000 daily queries.

El retorno de la inversión en entrenamiento ejecutivo de equipos gerenciales es exponencial y en minutos. Norman Vincent Peale.
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