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¡Hi, I am Luisa!

Today I am going to show you. Level Plus.

Your way to prosperity!

Level +, is an executive developing program, continuous and cyclical, different, it goes to you.

It is based on experience, rather than education.

It has a top-down approach, quite opposite and different of bottom-up from education.

Covers the space of uncertainty between the study obtained, and how to make the executive venture work, through daily experience capsules from Monday to Friday, in online format, which contain: Videos, Courses, Tips, Documents, Presentations and white papers, in a methodologically structured form from our management portals, with more than 80,000 articles published, visited from 91% of the planet, by more than 300 million people.

If your occupations for now do not allow it, you simply defer it and take it in the next cycle, however the information is always available.

4 levels of development are covered in 48 weeks of the year (divided into 4 quarterly periods):

  1. Administration,
  2. Management,
  3. Strategy, and in the summit the
  4. Entrepreneurship point.

A pyramid with three levels (like the one in our logo), describes the development from being a person educated by the university, to being a successful executive or entrepreneur:

The lower level, on which the pyramid rests, is the first level, called administration, and it is in which all the tasks required by the organization are carried out, there are the areas of: acquisitions, production, marketing and finance, among others.

Those who have reached it have done so leveraged on education and work experience.

At administration level is where things happen.

Level +, has more than 300 topics in this regard.

We do not compete with universities, since they are in the education industry.

Our program is based on experiences and is located at knowledge industry.

The second level of the executive development pyramid is management, where the general manager or CEO of the institution play.

His focus on for-profit companies is based on the profit generated by the company.

Level + is very rich in this subject, and here we present our patented methodology of "Management focused on achieving results ©", with which we have carried out executive training events in more than 50 countries.

The third level of executive development is the strategic one, where the thinkers of the companies are housed, who have their focus on the value of the shares, and companies permanence and sustainability over time.

Level +, presents our methodology of "How to develop high performance organizations ©", of innovation and sustainable development.

The top of the executive development pyramid is entrepreneurship. It is the moment when the executive is ready to undertake.

It is the contribution we make to guarantee that the statistics of entrepreneurship failures are reduced.

Here we present our methodology of "Entrepreneurship focused on results ©".

We have more than 500 themes.

The subscription is annual and renewable, and the program is evolutionary from one year to another.

Today we share something, tomorrow a new topic.

In each period the content of the 4 levels of Executive Development is rotating, as well as their respective topics.

New subscribers can enter at any time, as the program is designed to obtain information from all levels of development.

Something that must be taken into account is the following: Education is based on concepts, therefore, it is easy to evaluate.

Level +, is based on experiences, one of its ingredients is education, and there are others: method, methodology, skills, knowledge, innovation, reverse engineering, tradition, heritage and many more.

Level +, presents them to you, but goes further, tells you how to cook them, to prepare the soup of success and prosperity.

Every entrepreneur or executive in a moment of life has doubts, that doubt implies that he is at his competitive edge, the highest level of his development, if you reached that moment, you are ready for a managerial lengthening and broadening with Level Plus.

No elongated and widened executive, returns to its original size.

This leverage applies to people who have not been able to access university to educate themselves, misunderstood or lonely entrepreneurs and executives in development.

We leave the door open for them to come with us to develop.

Digital Pyramid, in the Knowledge Industry.

Visit us !



Celular / Whatsapp: + (593) 991 699699 / + (593) 990 990000

Teléfono: + (593) 2 500 2000

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dirección: Juan Pascoe No. 036 y Myriam de Sevilla. Campos Verdes.

Cotogchoa. Pichincha. Ecuador. América del Sur.

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