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  • The global telecommunications network – the largest and most complex technical system that man has created – makes up a substantial part of a country´s infrastructure and is vital to the development of that country.
  • By telecommunications we mean here all processes that render it possible to transfer voice, data and video with the help of some form of electromagnetic system, including optical transfer methods.
  • The telecommunications networks are mainly composed of nodes (exchanges) and links
  • Telephony can manage relatively poor transmission quality because of the redundancy built into natural language and speech, and because people engaged in a telephone conversation can easily overcome temporary disturbances and interruptions by repeating what they have just said. On the other hand we find a difficult to accept delays in a telephone connection. Data traffic, by contrast, is relatively insensitive to delay (within reasonable limits) whereas poor transmission quality can cause bit errors and a garbled message.
  • For broadband services above 2 Mbits an elaborated packet technique called asynchronus transfer mode ATM has captured the interest of the telecommunications world.
  • PSTN Public Switch Telephone Network
  • PLMN Public Land Mobile Networks
  • ATM Asynchronus Transfer Mode
  • Network Operator or Operator is used to denote a company that administrates a telecommunications network
  • A bearer service solely provides a transport system for exchanging information. By contrast, a teleservice is complete in the sense that – in addition to a transport system – it includes functions for connections, and a uniform language for communication and for shaping the messages conveyed
  • Multimedia a service which contains at least two or the three service types voice, data and video, and which provides a certain degree of interactivity.
  • Interactive services

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