こちらの商品は ブリックス Bric's Milano バッグ 鞄 キャリーバッグ スーツケース Bellagio 2.0 - 30" Spinner Trunk - Black です。



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The Bric's Milano(R) Bellagio 2.0 - 30" Spinner Trunk is elegant, whether you're in business class or economy with luggage like this you'll fell as glamorous as if you were flying on your own private jet!
Constructed using durable, flexible, ultralight PVC trimmed with elegant Tuscan leather.
The high-tech outer surface functions to protect the outside from shocks, bumps, curbs, temperature and helps keep your contents dry. Complete with a waterproof zipper!
Spacious inner compartments are lined with stain & water resistant nylon feature elastic straps and zippered compartments that will help you organize your belongings.
Multi stage pull up handle constructed of lightweight aluminum.
Mounted TSA lock.
Top and side carry handles.
Four Easy Glide rubber Hinomoto wheels that allow for effortless movement over multiple surfaces, adaptability, and provide 360 maneuverability.
Width: 約 53.34 cm
Depth: 約 26.67 cm
Height: 約 78.74 cm
Weight: 約 5300 g

2.0 Bellagio スーツケース キャリーバッグ 鞄 バッグ Milano Bric's ブリックス - Black - Trunk Spinner 30"-マザーズバッグ

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2.0 Bellagio スーツケース キャリーバッグ 鞄 バッグ Milano Bric's ブリックス - Black - Trunk Spinner 30"-マザーズバッグ

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